Health Systems

Health Systems

Strengthening health systems is the most sustainable way of improving health and saving lives at large scale. MSH pursues its mission by building high-impact, sustainable, locally-owned health systems. We apply our expertise across six health systems building blocks, as identified by the World Health Organization:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Governance

    Panax supports health systems strengthening by addressing gaps in the leadership, management, and governance capacities of policy makers, healthcare providers, and program managers and helping them to implement quality services at all levels of the health system.
    Panax uses a Results Model to simultaneously work on the development of all three practice areas– leadership, management and governance – to inspire public and private sector and health service delivery organizations to achieve and maintain strong health performance.
    Through leadership development programs, organizational development support and the scale-up of evidence-based health service interventions, Panax consistently demonstrates that investments in improved management, leadership and governance produce tangible results and impact on health.


    Panax specializes in the Leadership development. The program has three learning objectives; learn the basic practices of leading and managing so that managers can lead their workgroups to face challenges and achieve results, create a work climate that supports staff motivation, and create and sustain teams that are committed to continuously improving client services. By applying the practices of good leadership, management, and governance, teams become more systematic and intentional in their behavior, even in the most challenging circumstances (resource constraints, unrest, fragile states). It is primarily used by public sector and private sector, networks, and large organizations, it is adaptable to any health context.
    Panax also provides other services to individuals, teams, organizations, and government agencies to improve leadership, including executive coaching, the design and/or facilitation of senior leadership retreats, and large group events that bring together diverse stakeholders.


    There are certain common challenges which are faced by the Health program managers; tackling workplace challenges with limited resources, defining priorities, motivating staff, managing change, demonstrating measurable results. Panax has over two decades of experience in helping health program managers to coordinate and integrate activities, responsibilities, systems, and structures to ensure that their organizations’ resources are used efficiently to achieve intended results. We work with program implementers to provide organizational capacity assessments, capacity development planning support, and coaching to support leaders and their teams to implement capacity development plans and achieve organizational change. Moreover, we support partners with their resource mobilization efforts.


    Panax, through its experience, has developed a practical approach to governance development based on five practices of good governance: cultivating accountability, engaging stakeholders, setting shared strategic direction, stewarding resources, and continuous governance enhancement. Panax has expertise to utilize an array of governance tools, guides, handbooks, other publications, and apps based on this approach. Panax approach has been successfully applied in various medium and large scale health service delivery outlets. Leading civil society organizations across Pakistan, and Asia have used it to achieve higher organizational performance.